about me

The Illusionist
9,050k tris, one 2048x2048 texture 
Maya, 3DCoat
The concept is by Penett 

Realistic Head 
This project is a realistic self portrait. It is 9.5k tris, and uses 2048x2048 textures 
Maya, ZBrush

This was a freelance project involving a wizard character model for a UDK game.
8.6k tirs, 1024 x 1024 textures Maya, ZBrush, Marmoset Tool Bag 2 

Weaponized Mechanical Companion

This personal project was inspired by the De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion, a small mechanical rabbit.

The Marrote Claws

These weapons are inspired by a marotte, which is typically carried by a jester. 

The Destrozar
The low res model is 10.5k tris and used 2048 x 2048 textures. 
The concept is by Ryoma Tazi

ZBrush Model
Low-Res Model

Ascendant Enemies
These models are for a 2.5D rogue-like plat-former released on Steam.

Inside the Windmill.  
Modeled in Zbrush, Maya, and rendered in UDK. This scene is 41k tris. Concept by Jeon JongUk.

Hong Kong Scene
This scene was modeled in ZBrush, Maya, rendered in UDK. It is a total of 21k tris.  The concept is by
Nathaniel West.